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"Sometimes it all just clicks.  The Payback Reading and Concert held at the Claude Church on Earth Day this past year certainly had a "click".  It was the right crowd, with an excellent venue with perfect timing.  Stories and songs by all-star performers brought forward an extremely important message and challenged me to re-think and re-qualify how I look at the world around me.  What I loved most about the evening was that the message was subtle, advanced, and personal.  I love to be entertained, and it was certainly that too.  Thanks for making it fun and thanks for making it "click"!  I can't wait for next year!"
- Aaron Sheedy, Caledon, Ontario

"@earthdayPAYBACK: The EarthDay Players are back w. 2 Scrooge Nouveau dramatizations, Caledon/Burlington:"
- as tweeted by Margaret Atwood 6:51 PM Apr 6th via web to over 45,000 followers!

"I attended the Earth Day performance of Payback in Caledon last year.  It was great to hear such an action-packed environmental message delivered in this unique way.  Atwood deals with many of the concepts we cover in in Alternatives.  I was amazed at how much the audience picked up.  Moreover, those in attendance were not the already converted so common at environmental meetings.  The event appealed to a really broad market and was highly entertaining.  It's sure to go viral!"
- Nicola Ross, Executive Editor,
Alternatives Journal, Canada's national environmental magazine

"To all this concerns (literally),
I attended the 2009 Earth Day - Payback reading.  This event was entirely enjoyable.  The reading and musical interludes were 100% focused on a message that concerns us all.  I must admit though, that I was only half-present during the performance.  Because of what I was experiencing, the other half of my attention was forced to consider myself and my loved ones and our impact on this planet.  I welcomed this 'Earth Day' dream state and know that it has reinforced my commitment to openly support Earth health.  I must also mention how exceptionally talented the readers were.  Though this was only a 'reading' of a very well-designed selection of Atwood's book, the skill of the actors made it seem like we were part of the story.  And so we are.  Thank you to Andrew Welch and the team he assembled for this important event.  I look forward to the next."
- Kevin Parker, Toronto, Ontario

From Our Caledon 2010 Comment Book

"Exceptional!  Great music, compelling content, laughs, & more!  I'd come back every year and see it again."
- S.S., Bolton, Ontario

"Brilliant performers at their peak for a great cause."

"A wonderful evening of awareness and thoughtfulness.  Thank you."

From Our Burlington 2010 Comment Book

"Wonderful evening.    Thanks for hosting & having a zero-waste reception.  Talented actors & musicians very much enjoyed.  Thanks for supporting our environment."

"What a great idea!  Throughly enjoyed.  It would be fun to do something like this in Milton someday."
- Jim Steeves, MiltonGreen

"I love the book reading and Canadian talent.  It sure is nice to 'unplug' people from their televisions and computers for the evening!  Wonderful show!!  Keep it local next year too..."

"Wonderful, thoughtful presentation.  Thanks to all - talented musicians, actors, for inspiring me to think more about our environment.  Come back next year!!!"


Media Coverage

bullet Performers offer ‘Payback’ for Earth Day, Caledon Citizen, April 29, 2010
A group of performers gathered at Christ Church in Bolton last Thursday to mark Earth Day.  Proceeds from the event went to support the work of the Caledon Green T Environmental Awareness (TEA) group.  Read article
bullet First it was Earth Hour, now Earth Day is upon us, Caledon Enterprise, April 15, 2010
Forty years ago this month, humanity celebrated the very first Earth Day.  It was, for most of us, the dawning on our consciousness of the connection between the two – Earth and the human species.  Read article
bullet Giving payback on Earth Day - Margaret Atwood’s Massey lectures focus of local environmental event set for April 22 in Caledon, Orangeville Banner, April 6, 2009
When Earth Day rolls around on April 22, many people will be marking the event by picking up trash in neighbourhood parks or planting trees.  But Andrew Welch has a different plan.  Read article
bullet Atwood readings and entertainment at Claude church will mark Earth Day, Caledon Enterprise, April 17, 2009
Earth Day 2009 (imagine a drum roll here and a cymbal crash).  We could just let it go by like any other of the 364 days OR we could, with our families, make it memorable and meaningful.  And without much planning or effort on our part.  April 22, international Earth Day, will be marked in Caledon this year in a unique manner, thanks to the imagination and commitment of Caledon author and performer, Andrew Welch.  Read article

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