Earth Day 2009 - Payback

"A fabulous evening of humour, music, and timely words
to benefit the planet, starting with our own green corner in Caledon."

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Earth Day 2009 Payback Poster  

Fundraising Reading and Concert

April 22 at the Claude Church, Caledon

Come out to hear the words of Margaret Atwood, written in the spirit of Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carol", read by some of Canada's finest voices and interspersed with music from an impressive line-up of well-known performers.

"So what would Scrooge do if he were here with us today, and if he faced the problems we ourselves are now facing, not to mention the payback date that’s moving so rapidly in our direction?

And if he’d been given extra time to make amends, what form might those amends take?

Let’s find out."  -  Margaret Atwood


About the Evening

In the spirit of Dickens “Christmas Carol” readings to benefit the needy, two Caledon-area residents are organizing an Earth Day dramatic reading and concert to raise money for the environment.  The centrepiece of the event is a reading from Payback, Margaret Atwood’s latest book which comprises her 2008 Massey Lectures.  In the final chapter, Atwood wrote a new version of the “Christmas Carol” story that features a modern-day Scrooge encountering the spirits of Earth Day Past, Present, and Future.  The focus of the piece is on the environmental issues that are facing our planet today, presented in a humourous but pointed manner.


The Readers

James B. Douglas   Judy Maddren   David Nairn   Andrew Welch
The readers include acclaimed stage/screen actor James B. Douglas (veteran Canadian stage and screen actor), and special guest Judy Maddren (host of CBC Radio’s “World Report”), who founded the immensely popular and successful CBC community “Christmas Carol” readings which have raised millions for charities across Canada in the last 20 years.  Rounding out the cast will be David Nairn (Artistic Director of Theatre Orangeville), and Caledon actor and writer Andrew Welch, who has prepared the readings from Atwood's text.

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The Musicians

Nonie Crete   Eric Nagler   Tannis Slimmon
Interspersed throughout the evening will be performances by well-known local musicians:
Fergus singer/songwriter Nonie Crete, Juno-nominated Eric Nagler (star of the sit-com “Eric’s World”), and Guelph's Tannis Slimmon, (2008 Canadian Folk Music Awards Contemporary Vocalist of the Year).

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The Cause

All proceeds raised will go to the following environmental groups:

Caledon Green T Environmental Awareness

Caledon Countryside Alliance

The David Suzuki Foundation


The Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to the various sponsors who have made it possible for us to publicize this event and get the word out.  Please show your support by supporting these businesses and organizations.  Thank you, thank you.

121 First Street

Visit library web site

Claude Presbyterian Church



The Organizers

The event is the brainchild of Andrew Welch, a Caledon author and performer.  Welch teamed-up with Jay Mowat, station manager of Erin Community Radio, to assemble a stellar line-up of performers and engage the participation of various local businesses and environmental action groups.  Everyone involved has volunteered their time and talent, with publicity costs donated by the sponsors listed above.


The Details

Earth Day 2009 – Payback will take place on April 22 (8pm) at the Claude Church (15175 Hurontario Street, Caledon).  Admission is $15 in advance and $18 at the door.

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The Claude Church is located in Inglewood, NW of Toronto. The church is prominently located on the East side of Highway 10 (Hurontario Street), just South of Olde Baseline Road.  It is about a 45-minute drive from Lake Ontario and 20 minutes south of Highway 9.  See Mapquest directions.


Publicity Materials

You can download a PDF of our poster here, view a great article from the Orangeville Banner, or another very fine article from the Caledon Enterprise.

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